What is Aladdin Education?

  • Aladdin Education is a 100% online tutoring service perfected to help you succeed in high school and your most important tests such as AP and CLEP and get into the university of your dream! 
  • You can connect with our professional tutors 24x7 on the Internet through your computer.

What subjects do your tutors specialize in?

Our experienced tutors specialize in:

  • Mathematics & statistics, Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Geography, etc.
  • All standardized tests
  • And many many more!
  • If you do not see the subject of your interest in the list, ask us if we if we offer it. chances are we do!
  • Our tutors are virtually available 24x7 by appointment.

How can I request a tutor?

  • All you need to do is to open an account and request a free consultation. You will then purchase credit based on the number of sessions you need to master the subject of your interest, and schedule tutoring in advance to meet with a tutor, one on one. If you have a specific question, you can also leave your question for your tutor along the scheduling process to help your tutor come prepared.

How do I get started?

  • First, set up your Aladdin Education account. It’s easy: just click "sign up" at the top of this page.
  • You can then schedule a free consultation with us and help us understand your needs.
  • We can then help you log in and request tutoring service you need. All you need is a computer!

Why should I choose Aladdin Education?

  • Aladdin Education is virtually always available! At nights, on weekends, during holiday breaks or during especially busy times like exam weeks. Our tutors are also very convenient to reach from the comfort of your house. All you need to do is to simply schedule with our tutors and connect with a computer to get a coaching you need.

How do I get technical support?

  • First, check this FAQ. If that doesn’t help, shoot us an email or use our contact form! we will stay in touch with you within 24 hours.
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